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We Flash ECM/PCM/TCM and modules, and Key Programming. WE SERVE DETROIT METRO AREA...



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Flashing all domestic “FORD, CHRYSLER, GM, MAZDA, HONDA” and some import vehicles. REPROGRAM/FLASH existing modules or setup new ones with the newest calibration PCM, TCM, ECM or any module. We visit your shop and do the work for you. We also program key/immobilizer.

Fees start at $40.00 for key program and $100 for modules.


Flash Programming

"Flash" Programming provides a software update to a vehicle's Engine Control Module (ECM).  CTRL LOCK PROGRAMMING can now program a remanufactured ECM or reprogram an existing ECM. 

The calibration files of a vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM) sometimes need updating, just like the operating system of a home PC. While the systems are designed to run properly when new, component wear and unforeseen design issues can create drivability problems. Corrections and updates are needed even in fairly new vehicles. The vehicle manufactures provide firmware updates for the ECM calibration files on a regular basis. These updates will often repair issues affecting fuel economy, performance, diagnostics, HVAC and speedometer calibration. These required changes can be flash programmed into a vehicle’s ECM to improve both the vehicle performance and your customers’ satisfaction. 




ECM/PCM flash benefits:

Reprogram Vehicles to current OE specifications

• Create satisfied customers

• Improve driveability

• Increase gas mileage

• Reduce warranty comebacks

• Improve testing accuracy




How it works:

When the PCM, ECM, TCM or any other module is replaced on a vehicle, call us to schedule a technician to come out and program the module. We will send out a technician to your shop to program the newly replaced module. In case keys are replaced or new keys needs to be added or remote controls, a technician will come out to program the keys. It's that easy!




Why Reprogram PCM?

PCMs may need to be reprogrammed for several reasons. One is to fix factory bugs. Every time Bill Gates rushes yet another version of Windows to market to perpetuate the Microsoft revenue stream, it always turns out to have bugs and security holes that were somehow missed but must be fixed by downloading and installing the latest Windows "service pack." It's a never-ending cycle of upgrades and patches. Fortunately, it is not that bad yet with automotive PCMs, but it has become a crutch for automakers who rush products to market that aren't quite ready. This philosophy of "build it now and fix it later" creates a lot of unnecessary recalls, but at least it gives technicians a way to fix factory mistakes without having to replace any parts.

A reflash may also be required if the factory settings for the OBD II self-diagnostics turn out to be overly sensitive - especially after a few years of operation. The same goes for driveability. What works fine in a brand new car many not work so great after 50,000 or 100,000 miles of real-world driving. Changing the fuel enrichment curve, spark timing or some emissions control function slightly may be necessary to eliminate a hesitation, spark knock or other condition that develops over time. For example, on certain GM vehicles the Check Engine light comes on and sets a code P1406 that indicates a fault in the position of the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve. Cleaning or replacing the EGR valve and clearing the code does not fix the vehicle because the code usually returns. The real problem is the OBD II programming in the PCM. When the PCM commands the EGR valve to open to check its operation, it isn't allowing enough time for the valve to respond. A brand new valve takes only about 50 milliseconds to open but an older valve may take up to 350 milliseconds or longer - which is not long enough to cause a real NOx emissions failure but is long enough to trip a fault code. The fix in this instance is to reflash the PCM with new instructions that allow more time for the EGR valve to respond.




Common types of keys that will be need reprogramming include:


·     ·         Car key with remote fob ( remote keys ) – provide keyless entry to   the vehicle

       ·         Car key with integrated transponder chip

       ·         Flip type keys + key cards






Key Programming for Various Model of Car & Van Keys 

Most auto locksmiths will be able to cut, program/reprogram & provide replacement keys for remote and transponder keys for most vehicle manufacturers. After you buy keys and cut the keys for you car, call us to have the keys programmed. Our technicians are capable of the following:


         ·         Read Immobilizer ECU ID's


         ·         Read Mechanical Key Codes


         ·         Clear Key Memories


         ·         Program New Keys


         ·         Extract Immobilizer Pincodes


         ·         ECU Identification


         ·         ECU, Immobilizer Learn Coding



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