Flash Programming


Flashing all domestic “FORD, CHRYSLER, GM, MAZDA, HONDA” and some import vehicles REPROGRAM/FLASH existing modules or setup new ones with the newest calibration PCM, TCM, ECM or any module. We visit your shop and do the work for you. We also program key/immobilizer.

Fees start at $40.00 for key programming and $100 for modules




Common types of keys that will be need reprogramming include:


·     ·         Car key with remote fob ( remote keys ) – provide keyless entry to   the vehicle

       ·         Car key with integrated transponder chip

       ·         Flip type keys + key cards






Key Programming for Various Model of Car & Van Keys 

Most auto locksmiths will be able to cut, program/reprogram & provide replacement keys for remote and transponder keys for most vehicle manufacturers. After you buy keys and cut the keys for you car, call us to have the keys programmed. Our technicians are capable of the following:


         ·         Read Immobilizer ECU ID's


         ·         Read Mechanical Key Codes


         ·         Clear Key Memories


         ·         Program New Keys


         ·         Extract Immobilizer Pincodes


         ·         ECU Identification


         ·         ECU, Immobilizer Learn Coding